From the Back Porch

Books to Get You Out of Your Reading Slump

September 19, 2023

Here’s a list of books that'll help get you out of your reading slump!

Midnight at the Gallery

August 16, 2023

We had the delight of hosting Rachel Griffin, author of Bring Me Your Midnight on Thursday, August 10th!

Beach Reads for the Summer

July 10, 2023

Whether you prefer romance, general fiction, or something else, we have a couple of perfect summer picks for you!

Sunshine State of Mind

June 6, 2023

It’s Summer and that means it’s time for the Sunshine State reads!

The Benefits of Shopping Local

May 31, 2023

Going into an independent bookstore is always a breath of fresh air.

Journals and Pencils and Pens, Oh My!

April 17, 2023

We know you journal and pen lovers are out there, waiting and wishing for an event where you can rave about your love of stationery. Look no further, we have just the thing planned.

Why We Sell New Books

April 5, 2023

As a bookstore, we have chosen to sell new books rather than used ones because...

A Bookstore with Muscle

March 28, 2023

Writer’s Block Bookstore brings a wealth of non-author events that will keep you turning the page!

'We Should Not Be Friends' Review

February 21, 2023

This is one of the best books I read this year. This memoir is about a friendship between two Yale college students who are members of a secret society they joined as seniors. The book takes us on a forty-year friendship.