From the Back Porch

From the back porch

Big Plans for Events in 2023

December 7, 2022

Goodbye 2022, and hello 2023! Rather than pointing out how fast this year went by, I want to share in my excitement that we can finally gather and share. Let us think about 2023 like it's 2019. We were gearing up to have fantastic events.

A Message From Lauren

November 11, 2022

Big Writer’s Block announcement!  We have re-vamped and updated our website to make it easier for you to use I’ve wanted to improve it for a long time, and I am grateful that we finally wer

Welcome to our new Website and Blog!

November 6, 2022

We are finally ready to launch our new website.  We are excited and proud of the way it turned out.  As we head into the holiday season, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy season.

Welcome to Our New Website

October 10, 2022

For the last few months we have been working on our new website and social media program and we are ready to launch it this week!  So, stay tuned, you are going to love it.


Melinda Gates author of The Moment of Lift

Melinda Gates MOMENT OF LIFT Book Review by Lauren

March 15, 2021

So much of our day involves being in front of a computer, on the phone, micromanaging, putting out fires, finishing up a project, or going through our daily list of things to do. There must be a way to stop sometimes and learn how to relax. If we could replace just a few minutes a day with a stress-free habit, such as reading, we will see changes.

Best of 2020

Welcome 2021

January 3, 2021

So the big news is that I broke my ankle on December 2nd in three places and am forced to stay off my feet for three months!  I have been trying to figure out a way to slow down.  Being forced to stay off my feet wasn't how I imagined it but I will take what I get and get the most of it.  One of the first tasks I did was to work diligently in restocking both stores and meticulous

Best 2020

December 26, 2020

There were so many great books in 2020.  We have combed all the articles and lists realized that there were so many books that may have been overlooked.  Below are just a few of titles that we found that had overwhelming rave reviews from fellow booksellers.  Check them out!

Great fun to be a bookseller

February 16, 2018

Thursday morning I came into the store an hour early to meet a rep and a customer asked me if the store was open and of course I let her in. She told me she was leaving Winter Park to go back home and always would stop by to buy a book because she loved the store and wanted to support it.