The Benefits of Shopping Local

“Amazon’s business practices are scorched-earth capitalism.”

– Dennis Lehane, Author


It is no secret that Amazon is extremely convenient. This is because it’s often cheaper than other options, you don’t have to leave your house or even your bed, and shipping is quick and efficient. In contrast, there are so many different benefits to shopping local and supporting small businesses in your community. Going into an independent bookstore is a breath of fresh air. There’s a clear personality that shines through in every indie bookstore, a uniqueness that keeps people coming back to their local cozy bookshop. With the special touch that independent bookstores provide, there’s also the presence of staff who have a passion for books and love sharing that passion with everyone who comes through the door. Nothing can quite compare to getting to know another person, having them enthusiastically recommend a novel you haven’t yet heard of, and being so entranced by their explanation you have no choice but to pick it up as your next read. 


Supporting small businesses such as independent bookstores encourages the growth of even more local shops. If we assist Amazon in continuing to grow larger and completely annihilate other fields of business, like bookstores, we will lose that spark of community. More than that, we will lose opportunities for diversity. When one corporation has full control of what’s being sold and who’s being published, we as consumers will no longer have choice. There would be less voices heard that encourage a more diverse reading, that encourage opportunities for authors to connect with audiences and reach more readers.