Books to Get You Out of Your Reading Slump

Reading slumps - they happen to everyone. Whether it’s a couple of months or a few years, we’ve all been there! Sometimes you put down your current read because it’s time for bed and you’re totally prepared to pick it up the next day, but tomorrow comes and the next chapter doesn’t. Then before you know it, days have passed and your memory of the finer details has diminished and you swear you’re going to finish it any day now - this book that you love but can’t remember anymore. So, let’s say this has happened to you and you miss the feeling of a book in your hands or the voice of a narrator reading aloud to you. Here’s a list of books that just might get you out of that slump!

Beach Read - Romance

By Emily Henry

Beach Read is the perfect book to get you out of a reading slump. The main character January, a romance author, is going through a slump of her own as she’s come down with a bad case of writer’s block after her father’s funeral - and the reveal that he’d been having an affair for many years. Now broke and living in the house that he shared with the Other Woman for the summer, January needs to get back into her groove. What better motivation than a bet with her old college writing nemesis living right next door?


Song of Achilles - Fiction

By Madeline Miller

Achilles may have been destined to become the most legendary warrior of his generation, but growing up he was just a boy in Phthia. Told from the perspective of Patroclus, Achilles’ best friend and lover, we see the struggle Achilles faces when he must choose between the eternal glory he’s always craved and the mediocrity that might come with choosing love. The book is part love story, slow and masterfully crafted, warm and cozy - and part devastating. The ending will break your heart in the best possible way and bring you back to reading.

Archer’s Voice - Romance

By Mia Sheridan

In Archer’s Voice, Bree is running away from her life and the devastating loss of her father after he’s been murdered. Searching for a new start, she finds herself in a small town in Maine. There, she gets a new job at a diner, falls in love with the town outcast, and slowly starts to build herself back up. She learns how to let people back in her life and grieve her father and most importantly, she learns how to be happy again. A moving story about loss and love, Archer’s Voice is sure to help you reignite your passion for reading.

Local Woman Missing - Thriller

By Mary Kubica

In a small town, a woman named Delilah goes missing. Months later, another woman and her daughter go missing followed by a fourth woman. After years of search and rescue, no answers were ever found. Not until eleven years later, when Delilah shows up and exposes the truth behind her abusive marriage and the secrets of the town. This book will have you guessing what happens next until the very end when the story comes to fruition. The perfect thriller to excite you out of your reading slump! 

The Housemaid - Thriller

By Freida McFadden

After her release from prison, Millie finds herself living in her car, barely scraping by. After countless interviews and rejections, she finds her dream job as the housemaid for a very wealthy family in Brooklyn. She thinks her life is taking a turn for the better, until she begins to realize her new boss is unhinged. Taking one day at a time, Millie puts a smile on her face until someone winds up dead… in her room. Who is murdered? Who is the murderer? Read and find out!