A Bookstore with Muscle

Okay, we get it, you’re a total book nerd! So are we – we knew we liked you! As a book nerd, you’ve obviously been to one of our charming and unique brick-and-mortar stores in Winter Park and Winter Garden. You’re probably one of the thousands who’ve attended our one-of-a-kind author signings and book tour events, and we’ll bet you’ve even attended our coveted virtual author Q&As – but you won’t achieve true literary fan greatness until you come to one of our bespoke non-author events, which are guaranteed to light up your week and mind at the same time. You see, lots of folks out there think we just sell books, but the truth is, we bring our community together. Sure, we carry everything from classics to award winners to the brand new best sellers that you’re dying to read – I mean our shelves are stuffed with autographed copies and rare finds at excellent prices – but our monthly gatherings? Well, let’s just say they have literary lives all their own. If you’re sitting on the edge of your seat right now and thinking, “Hey, I have a free space in my calendar that needs to be filled with like-minded bibliophiles!” then look no further! Writer’s Block Bookstore has you covered. Check out the events below to find the gathering that fits your fancy and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out when they are!


Book Clubs in Person 

While plenty of book clubs meet online through social media, there’s nothing quite like picking up a book with friends, reading it together, and meeting in person to share your thoughts and insights. Our three different book clubs scratch that itch with a fresh new book always on the horizon and a warm, comforting space in Writer’s Block Bookstore – where the smiles are as plentiful as the colorful books. We have Page-to-Screen book club at both stores, Fantasy book club at Winter Garden, and Romance book club at Winter Park! Come and join in the fun every month!


Thirsty Thursday

Books are incredible, aren’t they? They are both exciting and relaxing at the same time. At our Thirsty Thursdays, we like to celebrate books by hosting a gathering where the wine and cider flow right along with the pages and conversation. Bring a friend and kick off the weekend early the first Thursday of every month at both our locations with a glass in one hand and a book in the other – there’ll be plenty of both at Writer’s Block, and plenty of book-loving company, too.


Well-Read Black Girl Book Club 

 First partnered in 2019 with the American Booksellers Association, The Well-Read Black Girl book club celebrates diversity and the African-American experience in literary form. From Zora to Maya to Toni and beyond, these stories will inspire, uplift, and highlight the historic to modern representations of the female Black experience and amplify the voices of Black women writers. Come read and discuss empowering literature on Zoom for each meeting. If you’re interested in joining the Orlando chapter, email Phyllis at phyllisdrhodes@gmail.com to join!


Original Fiction Book Club 

This fabulous virtual book club meets on the last Wednesday of every month with a dynamic group of readers. Those dyed-in-the-wool, discerning readers who accept no substitutes, fill the chairs every month in OFBC. The talk is always bubbling with creativity and unique perspectives. These born-original bookworms are always on the lookout for out-of-the-box plots and iconic characters. If this sounds like your cup of tea, email events@writersblockbookstore.com


No matter your genre preference or reading style, there’s a gathering for you at Writer’s Block Bookstore. Come and spend an evening or two with us this month. We’ll save you a seat!


Lauren Zimmerman

Owner, Writer's Block Bookstore