Why We Sell New Books

As a bookstore, we have chosen to sell new books rather than used ones because we want to be at the forefront of current trends and preferences. While we love and cherish used bookstores - these wonderlands full of treasure and stories you may not see anymore in new bookstores - there are already two in our community!

One of our goals in our mission statement is “to support national independent books that are not always found in mainstream bookstores”. By selling new books, we’re introducing new and diverse authors and stories that you may not have found otherwise. We’re dedicated to maintaining a selection that appeals to all of our customers, a selection that is always revolving to continue capturing our community’s heart. With so many new and wonderful stories coming out at once, though, how do we decide which ones sit on our limited shelf space? Well, we like to keep our audience in mind when ordering new books, taking into account our community and readers. Our staff often reads books prior to their publication date so we can wholeheartedly and honestly recommend or feature what might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. We also keep an eye out for new and upcoming authors and dedicate ourselves to reading debut novels in order to keep things fresh and give opportunities to new voices. 

Per our mission statement “to be a part of our greater community in support of education and the greater good,” we have a number of events every month, including book clubs, author signings, and school visits. Just like with the books we carry, our book club picks are stories we think would be great to introduce to readers. This goes for our Romance, Fantasy, and more book clubs to come! For signings and school visits specifically, we partner with publishers so these events are usually planned to coincide with the new release of an author’s book. Having a book fresh off the press gives a better guarantee of an excited audience that has been eagerly awaiting this moment. It’s rare to have an event for a novel or series that has already been published for many years and is thus why we like to keep up with new books. We’re committed to providing the community with more events and upcoming authors!