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New Book Tuesday and Our support for the Antiracist movement


It is Tuesday, and I am still trying to maintain a sense of structure by talking about new books on Tuesdays. I am proud to present to you all things new and exciting books on a Tuesday! I have gone through summer reading lists and compiled my own. What better time than the first of June to introduce all the new books for the summer? We are also preparing a fabulous virtual summer book fair for summer reading with our reading challenge to win cool prizes. So, stay tuned for the details next week.

Great fun to be a bookseller

Thursday morning I came into the store an hour early to meet a rep and a customer asked me if the store was open and of course I let her in. She told me she was leaving Winter Park to go back home and always would stop by to buy a book because she loved the store and wanted to support it.  She asked me for a recommendation and I told her I loved the new book,America Marriage which was alsI an Oprah pick. When it was time for her to check out, she shared with me that owning her own bookstore was her dream job and she actually dreams about it and can see it clearly in her dreams.