Highwayman (Paperback)

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It is London 1666 and the plague is waning. The 2nd Anglo/Dutch war rages at sea. Lord Pilcher, a staunch Cromwell man, hates his grandson who followed King Charles II into exile. When Geoffrey returns to England, bereft and weary, he hopes for succor and support from his grandfather but Pilcher does everything he can to deny Geoffrey his inheritance. As a result, Geoffrey resorts to deceit. He steals goods and money from his grandfather that, by right, should be his.

After the death of their parents, Erasmus and Desiderius find Gentleman Jack and are welcomed into his gang of fellows. They learn sleight of hand, transfer stolen goods to cunning hidey-holes. They learn how to be nefarious and follow their leader's skullduggery. Dodging the constables and the sheriff, will they be caught and hanged for highway robbery?

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ISBN: 9780228602903
ISBN-10: 0228602904
Publisher: Ebound Canada
Publication Date: June 6th, 2018
Pages: 316
Language: English