The Full-Color Guide to Marvel Silver Age Collectibles: From MMMS to Marvelmania (Paperback)

The Full-Color Guide to Marvel Silver Age Collectibles: From MMMS to Marvelmania By J. Ballmann Cover Image
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Over twelve years in the making, this second edition of THE FULL COLOR GUIDE TO MARVEL SILVER AGE COLLECTIBLES: FROM MMMS TO MARVELMANIA is a comprehensive guide to Marvel toys, fan club items, gumball trinkets, records, cards, stickers - you name it - with over 1400 color pictures from no less than the greatest Marvel collections in the world. This guide provides prices, pictures, historical information, and anecdotes regarding all aspects of Marvel's rise in the 1960s and also presents the most detailed histories ever written regarding the Merry Marvel Marching Society and the Marvelmania International fan clubs. The specific 1960s Marvel memorabilia covered in this book include early correspondence items such as letters, postcards, and no-prizes; Bullpen pin-ups; Ben Cooper Halloween costumes, masks, and playsuits; fan club kits from both phases of the MMMS, the Super Heroes Club, and the Marvelmania International fan club; t-shirts and sweatshirts; the 1965 Swingin' Stationery Kit; iron-ons; posters, such as the 1965 Spider-man pin-up, plus all the Personality Posters and Marvelmania club posters; gumball items such as flicker rings, snap-on rings, Mini-Books, flexi-rings, rubber figures, sticker strip comics and puzzles; Golden Records and the GR reprint comics; SPC and Freddie McCoy records; Button World pinbacks; Aurora Plastic model kits; Lincoln International Spider-man copter gun; Karim Spider-man watch; Pressman Captain America kite; Transogram Flying Captain America; Lakeside Captain America Super-Flex action figure; all Marvel Captain Action sets; Marvel Super-Heroes TV show promotional poster, record, brochure, pennants, and bumper stickers; Donruss card set; Philadelphia Chewing Gum sticker set; Topps Marvel Flyer airplanes and Krazy Little Comics; all 1960s Marvel books; all Marvel products from Ideal Toys, Kenner, Whitman, and Milton Bradley; all Marvel Marx figures, scooters, friction cars, spinners, license plates, tricycles, and the Marx Super Hero Express train mint in box; the Power Comics pennant set; Ohio Art Marvel Flyers; Massachusetts Art pillows; all Marvelmania International fan club merchandise including pinbacks, stationery kit, magazines, and portfolios; and much much more. This guide is an indispensible resource for anyone involved in buying, selling, trading, or collecting Marvel Silver Age collectibles and especially for any fan who is interested in any aspect of Marvel's explosive growth into a pop-culture phenomenon in the 1960s as a result of the Herculean efforts of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and the rest of the Mighty Marvel Bullpen. 'Nuff said.

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