Too Proud to Lead: How hubris can destroy effective leadership and what to do about it (Hardcover)

Too Proud to Lead: How hubris can destroy effective leadership and what to do about it By Ben Laker, David Cobb, Rita Trehan Cover Image

Too Proud to Lead: How hubris can destroy effective leadership and what to do about it (Hardcover)


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Too Proud to Lead provides essential advice on how to avoid that hubristic behavior that can endanger businesses, as well as cope with arrogant overconfidence in others in the workplace.

Laying out the dangers of arrogant overconfidence for both individuals and organizations, Too Proud To Lead explores the economic and psychological costs of hubristic behaviour and argues for a new approach to leadership in order to avoid the pitfalls of hubris. Punctuated with award-winning research and practical solutions against the systemic hubris plaguing today's organizations, the authors reveal exactly how confidence can sour into overconfidence--and why it can happen to anyone.

With this easily-absorbed book, packed with checklists and key insights, readers acquire the essential arsenal of tools for understanding, identifying, anticipating and coping with hubris, in both themselves and in the workplace, leading to better lives and sustained success for years to come. Too Proud To Lead guides readers on how to:

· Speak up when no one wants to listen;
· Challenge the status quo;
· Create open and transparent cultures that promote inclusivity;
· Foster positive recognition within an organization; and
· Remove hubris and harassment from their workplace and life.

Hubristic behavior is an age-old affliction, but signs point to it being on the rise in today's workplace. Illustrated with examples that some will be only too familiar due to the extensive media coverage of their decline, Too Proud To Lead provides the much-needed antidote to the hubris plague spreading through the leadership of today.

Professor Ben Laker is a renowned scholar and educator tenured to Henley Business School who influences governments and corporations' policies and practices globally. He writes for Forbes and the Washington Post and publishes research in leading academic and managerial outlets, including the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. Follow him @DrBenLaker.

David Cobb is a serial entrepreneur who serves the Oceanova group of companies - including The National Centre for Leadership and Management and National College of Education - as CEO. He collaborates with influential thinkers and is regarded by Forbes as a leading expert on disruptive innovation. Follow him @David_C_Cobb.

Rita Trehan is a Fortune 200 Chief Human Resources Officer turned global HR and transformation consultant who advises executives worldwide to create, transform and build sustainable businesses. She writes for the Independent and is the author of Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources. Follow her @Rita_Trehan.
Product Details ISBN: 9781472973030
ISBN-10: 1472973038
Publisher: Bloomsbury Business
Publication Date: August 24th, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English
“The delicate balance and selflessness necessary to function effectively is clearly conveyed … With a natural home in business school, corporate, and large public library collections, Too Proud to Lead delivers 'a positive set of guides to great leadership' with relevance beyond the C-Suite.” —Booklist