Scale for Success: Expert Insights into Growing Your Business (Hardcover)

Scale for Success: Expert Insights into Growing Your Business By Jan Cavelle Cover Image

Scale for Success: Expert Insights into Growing Your Business (Hardcover)


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'Both inspires and exposes the challenge of making it big.' – Financial Times

All it takes to start a business is a great idea and initial funding. But when it comes to growing and scaling a business – turning it into an enduring success – it becomes much more difficult to manage and sustain the various elements that are involved. You need to set out a clear plan, sustain funding, optimise marketing opportunities and develop an effective team. There are many opportunities to fail but, with Scale for Success, readers will gain valuable insights and practical advice from a global array of entrepreneurs and business leaders who have paved the way to their own versions of commercial success.
Scale for Success features 30 entrepreneurs and CEOs, including Dame Shellie Hunt, Jeremy Harbour, David Meerman Scott and Paris Cutler. These inspiring figures share their stories of successful growth and scaling and, most importantly, the practical and adaptable advice and guidance that led to their businesses moving effectively on to the next stage of growth. With insights from world-renowned figures in industries such as tech, real estate, marketing and fashion, this book provides an eclectic array of original ideas and approaches that have been proven to be effective. Narrated and curated by writer and former entrepreneur Jan Cavelle, this book provides an engaging and enlightening pathway to scaling success.

Jan Cavelle is a writer and consultant with over 40 years' experience of running businesses. She has received regional and national awards from the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Sales Management, and was one of 50 of the UKFEAs (UK Female Entrepreneurial Ambassadors) selected to promote enterprise within the EU.
Product Details ISBN: 9781472985552
ISBN-10: 1472985559
Publisher: Bloomsbury Business
Publication Date: July 6th, 2021
Pages: 288
Language: English

“Jan Cavelle has written a must-read primer that offers behind-the-scenes insight into the journey of fascinating and diverse business leaders who share the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.” —Nancy Thompson, Founder & President, Vorticom, Inc.

Scale for Success does a brilliant job of weaving together stories, lessons and thoughtful reflections. Each one of the eighteen entrepreneurs featured could write a book. Until they do, this is the one to read.” —Oli Barrett MBE, Co-Founder, StartUp Britain and Co-Founder, Turn On The Subtitles

“Business is challenging at every level. Fortunately most of these challenges have been solved, you just need to know where to look. Scale for Success collates many lifetimes worth of insights, shortcuts and wisdom. Grab a copy, take notes and get to work!” —David Jenyns, Founder, SYSTEMology

“In Scale for Success, Jan talks with real people as they recount their business challenges with warmth and clarity whilst revealing key takeaways. A refreshing change from the usual jargon-filled business books.” —Tara Hawkins, Director, Authentic Villa Holidays

Scale for Success shows the reality of business growth as an entrepreneur. With real, frank discussion of the challenges that plague small businesses, solutions become possible. Jan shares those stories and solutions, creating a practical guide for business at any stage.” —Nettie Owens, Founder & CEO, Momentum Accountability

“Every year that a company survives in business should be celebrated - the tenacity to bring together essential ingredients for scaling an early stage venture should never be taken lightly. Scale for Success highlights these essential qualities and includes valuable references to entrepreneurs and their success stories.” —Rick Anstey, Founder, inQbator, inQFunds, and iQ360, Queensland, Australia

Scale for Success tells the stories of growth enterprise, delivers some of the essential rules of growth, and will inspire anyone that reads it. The outrageously tough journey of building a company and actually enjoying the process is very rare but Jan has captured the stories of those that have worked hard to build their success.” —Lara Morgan, Founder & Co-Owner, Scentered and Founder, Global Amenities

“What I love about this book is that Jan provides in-depth stories that truly engage and connect with the reader. This is how business books should be written.” —Joseph Meuse, Founder & CEO, Business GPS

“Jan has an incredible knack of making scaling applicable and accessible for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Making the human connection between real examples and applicable strategies is golden. Relatable, human, and super valuable, this is a must read for the business owner getting ready to scale.” —Jo Gifford, Content Development Lead, author and podcaster

Scale for Success is a must read for any entrepreneur; highlighting areas often overlooked as businesses attempt to grow. Jan demonstrates with understandable clear explanations and examples, leaving you buzzing with enthusiasm to drive your business upwards.” —Lynsey Bleakley, Founder, Bumble & Goose Bespoke Bakehouse