The Obamanation of Desolation: An Immaculate Deception (Paperback)

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Abraham Lincoln: "A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND" Apostle PAUL: an Ex-TERROIST: "WE wrestle not with flesh and blood but with Principalities, POWER and SPIRITUAL WICDKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES" Arkansas Baptist Preacher: "HILLARY CLINTON----"Jezebel times two " A very Wicked Woman " OBAMA HATES==Our GOD, Our GUNS, Our GUTS And OIL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: The Ultimate ENEMA of EVIL OBAMA: Our Enemies Best Friend; America's Most Dangerous ENEMY Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

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Pre-dental Abilene Christian University Baylor University College of Dentistry On-ranch Residency in Political Mascotology It has become obvious that there was little use for an aging white taxpaying American citizen so I weighed the alternatives. It is obvious the Graduated from Quanah High School Black Community has achieved a favored nation status but I cannot undergo a head to toe tattoo which leaves no alternative but to become a Binational Mexican, even though I speakie only ten words in Mexican. I felt it dangerous to be baptized in the Rio Grande so I took the easy route and 'surgicized' the last letter 'S' in my name and created an 'O' Dr. Diamond Edge Sandero

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