Speed Writing Dictionary Over 5800 Words an alternative to shorthand: Speedwriting dictionary from the Bakerwrite system, a modern alternative to shor (Paperback)

Speed Writing Dictionary Over 5800 Words an alternative to shorthand: Speedwriting dictionary from the Bakerwrite system, a modern alternative to shor Cover Image
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Speed Writing Dictionary An easy to learn tried and tested alternative to shorthand.
Over 7700 abbreviations to speed up your writing.

Are you puzzled by all the squiggles when you see shorthand? Did you know that it can take years to become proficient at shorthand?
Here's your solution.
A simple and easy to learn system that can be mastered in just a few weeks.

This is an extensive dictionary based on the BakerWrite speed writing system.
We have a UK spelling edition of this dictionary just search for the unique ISBN number 9781537567396.

We also publish the companion book Speed Writing - Modern Shorthand by Heather Baker
(ISBN 9781532704918), which has lots of exercises and explains how to use the system.
  • There are over 7700 words in the speed writing dictionary
  • All 4000 of the most common words in written English
  • Lots of space to add your own variations
  • No strange squiggles to learn - just different ways to use the letters you already know
  • Your notes will be easy to read and transcribe
  • Adapt the system to suit your needs

Speed up your note taking with this system based on the principles of shorthand but using normal letters.

This dictionary is a joint venture created by three highly experienced trainers who are all best-selling authors.
Heather Baker was an executive PA at director level for many years and left to start her own training company.
She created the BakerWrite speed writing system as a modern and easy to learn alternative to shorthand.
Joanna Gutmann is an experienced administrator who started her training consultancy
over 20 years ago specializing in minute taking.
She is an accredited BakerWrite trainer and developed this dictionary to help people use the system.
Margaret Greenhall was a lecturer and became an educational consultant in 2003.
Between the three authors this dictionary has been developed to give a huge reference of words to use in speed writing.

Quotes about BakerWrite

"I will use this system all the time."

"This is so easy to learn and use."

"I will recommend this course to anyone who takes notes."

Joanna Gutmann

Joanna became involved in training whilst working in a PA role in a training center.
She left to start her business in the early nineties and continued to work in that area, increasingly specializing in business writing.
Today, her business is focused on 'the meeting' with training on chairing, minute taking, report writing and speed reading.
Joanna is delighted to hold a license to run the BakerWrite speed writing training.

Heather Baker

Heather is a very experienced PA, who worked at boardroom level for high profile companies.
She is now an acclaimed international trainer.
She created the BakerWriteTM speed writing system to help people take notes using techniques that can be learned in just a few weeks.
She thoroughly tested it and has been teaching it for over eleven years.

Dr Margaret Greenhall

Margaret was a chemistry lecturer for eight years and
she became fascinated by how and why people learn.
She moved to staff development and learned more about how people share information with each other.
In 2003 Margaret left the university to start a training and educational consultancy business.
She combines face to face training with a portfolio of writing and publishing.

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Publication Date: November 9th, 2016
Pages: 128
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