Weapons of Love (Paperback)

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Weapons of Love (Paperback)


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This story takes place in the future, on Planet Earth. The only planet within the cosmic parallel that became corrupted by an ancient evil.

By the year 2025, the earth and its people were so enmeshed in evil, that a cataclysmic apocalypse killed millions and altered the earth physically. Survival became paramount. World leaders were forced to cooperate with each other in order to rebuild a new economy.

Over the next millennium, this new structure evolved into what became a world with two classes of people. An elite ruling class and a commoner working class. The presence of evil was still very alive.

This evil regime oppressed the commoners, stealing the wisdom, the wealth, and the young women. By the year 3030, corruption and injustice had reached its zenith. The time had come for an ancient prophecy to be fulfilled. Planet Earth would be redeemed.

Mesmerrium, the harbingers of love, inhabit the cosmic parallel. For thousands of years they have waited for this redemption and its leader. Now it was becoming a reality.

And so it was that twelve-year old James Clark, fifty three girls, and the mesmerrium, overthrew this evil regime. Using weapons of love, this redemption replaced the corruption. An ancient serenity returned. Love and truth rule again.

Every teen, young adult, and young in heart, should read this book. The world is changing. With love, you can make those changes good. Let this book inspire you to make a difference now.

Product Details ISBN: 9781662903496
ISBN-10: 1662903499
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: December 21st, 2020
Pages: 426
Language: English