Choosing Wellness (Paperback)

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CHOOSING WELLNESS is an honest, powerful testament of understanding for the legions of Americans who struggle to lose weight, shed stress, relieve anxiety, overcome addiction, manage their chronic illness, or just get unstuck from their unhealthy lifestyles. Written with light humor, deep sincerity, and stark vulnerability, it blends scientific expertise with a wide lens that embraces traditional healthcare, complementary-and-alternative medicine, and the metaphysical wisdom gleaned from personal experience and decades of patient success.

CHOOSING WELLNESS not only touches on the typical self-help topics of obesity, addiction, and visualization, it offers unique insights on seldom-addressed topics along with pragmatic, real-life solutions such as: How to shut down our inner critic. How to safely confront and neutralize bullies, even in the workplace. How to cherish loved ones in the throes of alcohol or drug addiction while protecting ourselves from their emotional vampirism. How to cope with muddled, complicated grief. Even how-and why-to become comfortable disappointing other people.

Through personal and client stories, CHOOSING WELLNESS also delivers explicit, pragmatic self-assessments and techniques to: uncover false beliefs (Root Pulling vs. Weed Whacking), edit personal relationships (the Suburban Driveway), handle burnout (Repotting), stay true to our self-image (Wolf Feeding), raise teenagers (Connection Before Correction), control our own emotional output (The 10-Second Pause), recognize people dangerous to our wellbeing (Emotional Triage), and calm or even prevent other people's emotion outbursts (Feelings over Facts).

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736107409
ISBN-10: 1736107402
Publisher: School of Wellness
Publication Date: February 10th, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English