Mamma's Italian Classics (Paperback)

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Mamma's Italian Classics is a beautifully illustrated cookbook which features many all-time favourites, and most uniquely, highlights and explores the culinary brilliance of the regions of Sicily and Le Marche, the family's roots and heritage.

Inspired by childhood memories of mom's every day meals and the delicious traditional celebrations enjoyed "a tavola" with family, this book is both a personal journey into following your passion and a collaboration, between mother and son, into compiling, formulating and sharing, true, tried and exceptionally tasty food experiences.

As Stefan continues his life's journey, pursuing his passion and embarking on his many culinary experiences, whether in Canada, S. Korea, Australia, Nicaragua or at present, France, he always brings with him that which is most important and dear to his heart ... and stomach, his favourite recipes from home.

Beyond the 54 recipes, you will be treated to:

a) a very helpful "Basics" section, with recipes for sauces, brodo and fresh pasta dough making.

b) an interesting and informative illustrative pantry and food elaborations.

c) an incredibly valuable culinary glossary, conversion charts and explanations.

Share in Stefan and Mamma's knowledge, expertise, background tidbits, tips and suggestions as you choose your favourite recipes to prepare and enjoy with culinary success and delight

Buon appetito

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