Gullah Cooking Cookbook: A Collection of Flavorful and Traditional Gullah Recipes that Grandma Used to Prepare when I Was Young (Paperback)

Gullah Cooking Cookbook: A Collection of Flavorful and Traditional Gullah Recipes that Grandma Used to Prepare when I Was Young Cover Image
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5th Generation Gullah Geechee Chef Reveals:

The Secrets Of 150-Year-Old Traditions That Industrial Revolution Hasn't Touched Yet

(Over 50 Delicious Recipes Included )

Would you like to taste some of the oldest Afro-American traditional dishes brought from the African Continent and managed to survive during Slavery?

Maybe you have Gullah Geechee roots and want to bridge the gap separating your current life and the one your ancestors used to be living?

Or maybe you are just curious about how food culture in The United States was born and some of the traditional foods that laid the foundation of what we eat now?

If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, please read on...

There are a lot of traditions and cultures dying Today...

Not only because children want to leave their roots behind, but more so because the growing economies and "real estate money-makers" wish to own every piece of our beautiful land, make significant profits and bring wads of cash for the rich.

Of course, it's nearly impossible to win against these giants, and probably we will lose this fight eventually. But, there will always be something that unites us all, and we will do our best to pass on these great traditions and tastes for generations after us.

Inside this book, you'll find over 50 unique, affordable, and time-saving traditional Gullah Geechee recipes I tested and collected during the last 3 years from some of the best cooks in South Carolina (some say it is the capital of Gullah Geechee Culture)

Take a look at what's inside:

- What it's like to be a true Gullah Geechee? Island Life Revealed (a must-read chapter if you want to understand the fundamentals of this ancient culture)

- What is special about Gullah food? Why and how has it has survived for so many years and decades? (the secrets of the most amazing Gullah tastes revealed)

- Over 50 Traditional Gullah Recipes with ingredients from your local grocery store (and how to make Gullah cooking convenient and simple without disrespecting its true traditions and culture)

- Are you a fan of meat, fish, or seafood? You'll love this massive recipes section...

- Traditional beans, peas, rice, and other casseroles recipes (suitable for vegetarians and conventional food lovers)

- Salad, Vegetable and Bread recipes (a complete meal selection for just about every occasion or meeting you can think of)

- Preserving recipes to get your favorite food ready for whenever you feel like eating in minutes (great way to enjoy your favorite Gullah dishes any time of the year )

- Detailed cooking instructions, serving sizes, and nutritional facts included (to make sure you succeed with every meal you cook)

- Much much more...

The secrets inside this cookbook you are about to discover were born over 150 years ago, and now I am giving them to you So cherish them and cook every meal with love and passion

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