Workability: Unexpected ideas to speed up your career (Paperback)

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It's the human challenges that will define your career. In this book, a top workplace communicator gives a real-life account of the personal skills and behaviours that really count in global organizations.

Crises and upheavals, anxieties and fears, are an inevitable part of today's workplace. Through a series of highly readable stories from his own 60,000 hours of corporate experience, James Weekley highlights the human qualities that can resolve situations for the better or worse, sometimes the much worse. Your workability depends on how you communicate and behave, he says: what you do matters less than how you do it.

Drawing on his knowledge of psychology, language, behaviour and communication, his book equips you with unexpected ways to think about how to manage the human challenges you will encounter and how you can speed up your career without losing yourself. In reality, he says, most of us will find ourselves following more than we lead. We will face a crisis every two to three years. We will suffer from anxieties. We will lose ourselves in gobbledygook. We will have to influence without authority. We will be subject to bad behaviours and toxic cultures.

Written for anyone building a career, Workability gives you the power to engage yourself, inspire others, master anxieties, bring in talent, overcome resistance, think unconventionally, manage expectations and connect with your audience, as well as deal more constructively and creatively with the catastrophes and upsets that might otherwise hinder your performance and stall your career.

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ISBN: 9781838067441
ISBN-10: 1838067442
Publisher: Novaro Publishing
Publication Date: September 9th, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English