Tooro Kingdom: Visitors Guide (Paperback)

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Welcome to the Great Kingdom of Tooro in Uganda: home of the World's Youngest King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV and Uganda's number one tourist destination. We hope you will enjoy this brief introduction written by Dr. Patrick Businge: greatness researcher, award winning educator and Tooro's official royal biographer. As a son of Tooro, Dr. Businge has written and published other books about Tooro such as The Great Kingdom of Tooro: Discover Its Friendly People, Amazing Culture and Hidden Treasures; The World's Youngest King: Dr. Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV; and Colour Your Future With The World's Youngest King. In the first part of this introduction, Dr. Businge walks you through the history of Tooro Kingdom since 1822. Therein, you will have a chance to discover its humble beginnings, and meet its princes and princesses. In the second part, you will encounter the current royal family. You will know more about the World's Youngest King (Omukama), and learn about Tooro's Royal Trinity. In part three of this book, you will savour the culture of Tooro with its people, clans, ceremonies and sport. The fourth part is an invitation for you to participate in the various initiatives related to poverty, culture, peace, agriculture, health, education, and to the fascinating Hakyooto events. The fifth part opens doors for you to become a friend of Tooro. It outlines the membership levels such as Royal Diplomat, lists the mission of the Friends to Tooro and the various royal awards. Parts six and seven describe the various treasures in Tooro such as royal palaces, national parks and crater lakes. The last part lists the products and services such as royal tours, greatness research, royal memorabilia, travel agents and hotels that you might use during your stay in Tooro. We hope you will enjoy reading about the Great Kingdom of Tooro.

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