Beautiful Little Fool (Hardcover)

Beautiful Little Fool By Sarah Zane Cover Image

Beautiful Little Fool (Hardcover)


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A coming-of-age story, this feminist twist on the Great Gatsby will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew...

Daisy put everything on the line for love, only to be left broken and alone when her love shipped out to the Great War without so much as a goodbye. Now her parents plan to marry her off to the next rich man who looks her way and she doesn't have the fight left in her to protest...

Until Jordan comes along.

Jordan is unapologetically bold. She knows what she wants and always goes after it... until she falls hard for the girl next door, who happens to be her best friend. Speaking up could cost her everything, especially if Daisy doesn't feel the same, but staying silent has a high price, too. Her happiness.

Both stand to lose everything... including each other.

With stakes this high, will they find the courage to go after what they want, or will they follow societal expectations straight to miserable ever after?

Product Details ISBN: 9798986108056
Publisher: Library of Sarah Zane
Publication Date: June 6th, 2023
Pages: 368
Language: English