Local Author Frequently Asked Questions


Authors: thank you for your interest in stocking your book at Writer's Block Bookstore. Before calling the store for information on consignment options, please read the content below.

Due to the volume of business at the store, we prefer interested consigners contact us via email or call ahead to schedule an appointment. Please send a detailed description of the book and a short biography of the author to consignments@writersblockbookstore.com. Include any links or information that will help us decide if the book is a good fit for Writer’s Block Bookstore. After the initial appointment, we'll ask you to mail or drop off a book for further consideration. Please be sure to clearly address it to the "Store Manager” and include the requested information and signed consignment application. Please bear in mind: we have a long review process, and there is no guarantee on the condition and return of your book.  

Terms of consignment are:

  • Payment is 50% to the consigner and 50% to Writer’s Block Bookstore, but can be negotiable depending on the cost of book to the consigner.
  • Writer’s Block Bookstore will carry a consignment title for approximately 2-3 months, at which time a decision will be made whether or not to keep the book in stock or have the consigner pick up any unsold copies.
  • If we decide to return the book, payment will be made for any copies sold.  If all copies have sold and we want to order more, payment will be made at the time of reorder.
  • The consigner is expected to pick up any unsold copies or to pay postage for return of unsold copies within two weeks of being notified.  Books not picked up in a timely fashion are put into our free box in front of the store.
  • Please be aware that 1st consignments are usually regulated to only 2-4 initial copies held in our stock.  

Books with successful in-store sales tend have these features:

  • Strong local interest.
  • High quality cover art (we can’t stress this one enough)!
  • A quick plot summary or simple tagline.

A few things you can (and should) do to promote your book:

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads & Pinterest, and email us your Facebook page so we can promote your book on ours.
  • Link to writersblockbookstore.com from your website (“Signed copies of my book are available at Writer’s Block Bookstore, your friendly neighborhood bookshop.”)
  • Provide us with a high-quality electronic image of the book cover, which we can use to promote the book online when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Be willing to speak to local book clubs about your book. If you are an author who would like to meet with a book club, please do let us know!