Journal Swap Event in Winter Park


Writer's Block Bookstore will be hosting our first-ever Journal Swap Event. Lauren Zimmerman, our owner, has always had a passion for Journals, pens, and pencils. We thought, why not take this passion and find people who equally love Journals, pens, and pencils?

Come join us for this free event, (registration is mandatory) at our Winter Park location. Anyone is welcome to attend, and in order to participate in the journal swap guests must bring one or more of their favorite journals, in good condition, new, and not used. Guests are welcome to bring more than one journal. For every journal that is brought to the event, they will be able to select another journal to swap from a fellow guest. 

Upon arrival, each guest will be given a ticket for each journal they bring. The Journal Swap will take place at 6:30 in the evening. We are inviting guests to come and mingle with other journal lovers from 5-6:30. Lauren will give a welcome announcement and talk a little bit about per passion for journals. Guests are welcome to bring pencils and pens to swap at the event as well. There will be a table for swapping journals, pens, and pencils. 

Writer's Block Bookstore will provide refreshments for the guests including water, and wine.  Writer's Block Bookstore will be donating a few of our favorite journals into the swap as well! 

Additional Note: For any guests that purchase any of the following items from Writer's Block Bookstore, (both in-person or online) and attend the event, will be able to select a new journal from our owner, Lauren's, private collection. 



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