Gift Card

SKU: GX00000001

The paper gift certificate you know and love each have a unique code that is different from an online gift certificate or code option. During online checkout, customers with an in-store gift card to the store can enter the number to be processed at the store by a clerk. Alternatively, a digital gift card can be used online at any time at stores for both digital and physical purchases.

If there is not enough balance on the gift card to cover the purchase, you will be prompted to enter a credit card as well at checkout.

I just bought a gift card online, but can't redeem it. Why not?
It may take up to 48 hours for us to activate and send out your card once it's been purchased. If you'd like to redeem it earlier, please contact us.

I lost my gift certificate or gift card. How do I redeem it?

Gift certificates and cards cannot be redeemed for cash, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.