New Book Tuesday and Our support for the Antiracist movement


It is Tuesday, and I am still trying to maintain a sense of structure by talking about new books on Tuesdays. I am proud to present to you all things new and exciting books on a Tuesday! I have gone through summer reading lists and compiled my own. What better time than the first of June to introduce all the new books for the summer? We are also preparing a fabulous virtual summer book fair for summer reading with our reading challenge to win cool prizes. So, stay tuned for the details next week.

On a more serious note, I have spent the last few days thinking about the latest series of racially charged events. Our position is that reading means learning. Learning means other people’s perspectives in an objective and thoughtful and respectful way. Bookstores are all about reading and learning. So, I had to reflect on my own biases and how I can be raw and respectful at the same time. I want to think that I am open and courteous and will know when I have made insensitive mistakes, at least in hindsight, so that I can improve. As a bookseller, I have a responsibility to provide the resources for others to learn. Change always begins with knowledge. I invite each of us to get out of our comfort zone and read something that may be uncomfortable to read or from a perspective that we may not understand. It is a start to listen (or read) and pay homage to someone else’s world view and perception without judgment. With an open heart, I created a collection of books that address race issues. I hand-picked each book with the respect and sensitivity that I have for my community. We hope you enjoy reading one of these suggestions.  Please check out the selection at: - which is list under our Featured Book Tab on our menu bar.

Lauren, owner