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June marks a special month for me, personally.  The authors of two of my favorite books are releasing their newest book this month and I am so excited to share these authors with you. Both authors are on my staff picks and when customers ask for my recommendations I immediately go straight to their books.  

The first, Hidden Palace: A Novel of the Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker follows our characters from Helene’s first book, The Golem and the Jinni after seven years with the sequel.  Bar none, one of my favorite books.  Happily, readers who have not read the first book will be able to enjoy this as a stand-alone, but I am sure you will want to read her first book. When I found out that there was finally a sequel I jumped for joy and couldn’t wait to read Helene’s newest book and seeing my old friends didn’t disappoint me.

The second, Animal by Lisa Taddeo. This is Lisa's first novel after her best-selling non-fiction book Three Women, which explores the desire, heartbreak, messy, and complicated lives of three women. Researched over a seven-year period where time was the fourth character that took its time to exploit the life-changing choices these women made. Her newest book, Animal is about one woman’s transformation from prey to predator.  A depiction of female rage in its most raw form. I enjoyed Lisa's style of writing.  She has the ability to bring you right in and witness without judgment.

If you haven’t had the chance to read either of Lisa’s and Helene’s I strongly recommend you check them out.  If you would like us to add Hidden Palace: A Novel of the Golem and the Jinni or Three Women, let us know.

-- Lauren Zimmerman, Owner, Writer's Block Bookstore

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