Writer's Block Bookstore offers a variety of subscriptions.
With five subscription plans to choose from, one is sure to be a perfect fit for everyone in the family!


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First Edition Subscription:

  • You will be able to choose between 2 great options of new hardcover books every month
  • Delivery and pick-up options 
  • Cost: $180 - $200
  • 6-month subscription
  • Click Here for the First Edition Subscription

New in Paperback Subscription:

  • Choose between 2 options of new in paperback every month 
  • Delivery and pick-up options. 
  • Cost: $108-$140
  • 6-Month subscription
  • Click Here for the Paperback Subscription. 

Young Adult Subscription:

  • It includes a new book selected for you based on your survey results 
  • Surprise gift included every month
  • Value is 20% off market value
  • Cost: $132-$164
  • 6-month subscription
  • Click Here for the Young Adult Subscription

Kids Subscription:

  • Select the 4-8 ages option or the 8-12 ages option 
  • Books selected based on the results of your survey
  • It includes at least 2 books, activity books, and/or a surprise gift
  • Value is 20% off market value
  • Cost: $108-$140
  • 6-month subscription 
  • Click Here for the Kids Subscription